3D and Airways




Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) with Ultra Low Dose Imaging

Planmeca Viso™ G5 – Experience the exceptional from Planmeca USA Inc on Vimeo.

Our Planmeca Viso® imaging unit is an impressive step forward towards accurate evaluations. When giving our patients a diagnosis, you need to have all the facts. Giving patients the most accurate information possible is key when you’re devising a treatment plan or giving a professional opinion. To accomplish that, Dr. Atique uses the Planmeca Viso CBCT unit. She began using 3D imaging so that she could acquire as much information as possible from the scans. Dr. Atique is able to develop more comprehensive diagnoses, evaluate the airway, and to develop better treatment plans. Also, finds it convenient to be able to make decisions on the spot and not have to send the patient elsewhere for a scan and schedule a follow-up visit to talk about treatment. The parents in the consultation see that difference and, according to Dr. Atique, they’re happy to have as much information as possible.


Planmeca M1nute – Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ Imaging from Planmeca Group on Vimeo.

Patient exposure is a big concern for Dr. Atique. Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging allows to acquire 3D images at significantly lower effective patient doses without a statistical reduction in image quality. All Planmeca CBCT units have an even lower patient radiation dose than standard panoramic imaging systems. That means that we don’t expose patients any more than necessary.


iTero Intraoral Scanner

The iTero® Intraoral Scanner is synonymous with high precision. Its parallel confocal imaging technology uses optical and laser scanning to achieve high precision and accuracy, that delivers the most accurate digital impressions for Invisalign. 


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~ Joshua Perkins

In the year it took for my orthodontia treatment, I always had a good visit with the staff at Atique Orthodontics. Dr. Atique, along with her whole staff, were always friendly and made the visit fun and exciting. I will recommend anyone who asks where I received my orthodontia treatment to Dr. Atique!

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We have received outstanding orthodontic treatment at Atique Orthodontics as well as friendly and personal customer service. Dr. Atique and her staff always make sure our needs are met and give that extra mile in service that makes me feel confident that we have the best!

~ Rossana Buffolo