What Sets Us Apart

Since you have come this far in your search for an orthodontist, we are going to give you some facts that will show you why you are in the right place.

Dr. Atique is a specialist in orthodontics. The road to becoming an orthodontist is a long one. By selecting an orthodontic specialist, you are making sure that person has the right training and exposure to the best technology and techniques. To be an orthodontist, it requires two to three years of postdoctoral training. Remember, the only thing that we do in our practice is orthodontics — no distractions.

Not all orthodontists are the same. Dr. Atique is an Ivy League-educated Board Diplomate specialist. Only a small percentage of orthodontists are Board Diplomates. A Board Diplomate orthodontist, such as Dr. Atique, has gone an extra step to ensure the best quality care.

We use the latest technology. Digital X-rays and other diagnostic treatments, such as 3D imaging, make your diagnostic care more reliable. Self-ligating braces and Invisalign® options result in faster and more efficient treatment.

Cost is also an important factor for many families. We help our patients by offering financing options and we're in network with many insurance companies. Most of the well-respected orthodontists around our area set competitive fees. So don't go after bargains, or you'll probably be trapped in an orthodontic factory or TMPTPAs (Too Many Patients To Pay Attention).

At your complimentary orthodontic consultation, you'll be able to talk with Dr. Atique, meet our friendly staff, check your treatment options and understand your financial alternatives.

You can rest assured that you'll be able to experience how we address your basic orthodontic needs, and also see that our dedication to our patients is what set us apart.

You'll leave the office with the peace of mind that we are the orthodontic office that you have been looking for!

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